Demi's Flavors

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Demi's Flavors Catering

Olive Oil and Ingredients

Demi's cooking has been a vital part of her and her family’s life for as long as anyone can remember. Central to family life, cooking and the resulting feast brings people together, opens up lines of communication, and builds the foundation for better relationships. The energy and love Demi puts into the entire process of cooking, from selecting ingredients, preparation, to presentation, are all evident in the dishes she prepares.

Demi’s Flavors comes from a strong Greek culinary tradition with its fresh vegetables, meats and fish, years of studying and preparing Mediterranean foods, all blended with a sense of American adventure. Though Demi’s cooking is steeped in traditional cuisines brings a passion and taste purely her own but with a clear connection to her culinary heritage.

This is the catering service that is showing Greater Wilmington, Newark and Southern Chester County just how great Greek-American Cuisine can be.


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Demi is waiting for your call at 302.798.5070, or fax your order to 302.798.5170.